Monthly design contract and design subscription service

Graphic Design Subscription Service

You are getting an opportunity to get rolled into monthly graphic design subscription service where our designers will work on your graphic and web design projects with a monthly contract.

This service includes Logo Design, WordPress Website Design, Stationery Design, Brochure Design, PDF Designs, multiple Marketing Materials, and fulfills your other design needs.

On a monthly payment of $299 only you will get quality design services.

OnePixSell is a professional graphic design company that provides first class design solutions with outstanding customer service. We are offering monthly design contract service now.

OnePixSell addresses a unique need that many companies have for graphic design. The demand for graphic design has never been greater, and in the times of instant gratification, OnePixSell delivers this.

As the go-to graphic design company, OnePixSell works on a weekly or monthly retainer rather than a cost per job or service.  OnePixSell becomes the graphic designer in your company as part of your team. Working together, we can reach the same goals and get the best results.

With a many years’ experience and extremely creative minds, OnePixSell delivers graphic design to those who need it, when they need it at a great price. An OnePixSell monthly graphic design contract is design at your fingertips.


What does OnePixSell offer?

OnePixSell offers a full range of weekly or monthly graphic design contracts.  All the solutions provided come with unlimited revisions to ensure you get a perfect solution every time.

The services offered include:


Corporate Identity

A brand may look like a set of colours and a logo but it is much more than that. OnePixSell takes the time to understand your company and your corporate identity.  OnePixSell works with you to bring it to life. Working closely with each client we deliver the results you demand.  OnePixSell sees your company in pictures allowing people to see you, get to know you and remember you.


Print and Design

OnePixSell designs and produces all forms of documentation, labelling, packaging, posters, booklets or brochures. The unique business model allows OnePixSell to be used on the fly at short notice. The monthly design contract is perfect for small jobs for an expo for example.  Equally, the monthly design contract is great for producing the many different products needed for a large marketing campaign.

At OnePixSell, we can produce and design the perfect brochure or flyer and provide a number of options to choose from all within your weekly or monthly fee.


Digital Design

The World has gone digital. OnePixSell produces the perfect graphics and concepts for use in websites, social media and mobile apps. Producing infographics or a banner for social media is something that many companies struggle with or wish they could do. The value and rewards are considerable and OnePixSell releases this. As a young graphic design company, OnePixSell understands the digital landscape better than most. OnePixSell can work with your company to produce powerful images and engaging social media campaigns.


Your deal with OnePixSell

Monthly Design Contract

OnePixSell works on a weekly or monthly fee for Graphic Design services for this fee you get:

  • All files and documentation
  • Full licence and copyright of the images and documentation
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • A Creative Team at your fingertips
  • Fast and Professional Service


Contact OnePixSell today and find out how you can get the best Graphic Design Company at your fingertips today.